Friday, March 10, 2006


Night drew her sable garments
Over all the land and sea,
She pinned a star upon her breast
To light the world for me.

One little sparkling star-eye
Up in the dark night-sky,
Yet its light gave hope and comfort
That the darkness would deny.

One little ray of light-one hope
In all this world so broad,
Yes my heart was warmed and comforted
And its bravery I applaud


Another Poem by MEV:


Last evening when the sun went down
Behind the wood, like a great red ball,
I wondered how ‘twould seem to us
To never see the sun at all.

But I did not fear at all for that,
I know that on another morn,
If skies were blue, mists cleared away,
The sun would shine- all bright and warm.

The God who rules the universe,
Is wise and kind, and would not see
The world dark and gloomy,
So the sun shines out- for you and me.



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